• What is AtLocs.com?

    AtLocs.com is the first Chilean WEB platform to represent several places that allows your house, property or your special space to be used in audiovisual and film projects. Such as TV commercials, films, photo shoots, “telenovelas”;TV series, special events, to name a few.

  • How can I be part of AtLocs.com?

    1.- If you want to register your property:

    Enter our site, create a user account using your name and an existing email account, and register your property, answering simple and basic questions; upload (as many as you want) pictures of the property or properties you want to rent...and, you are in! Pictures should need to be taken horizontally and following AtLocs.com standards.

    2.- If you need to find a location for your proyect:

    Enter our site, create a user account using you name and a valid corporate email account. Once you are registered, you will access to our properties data base. There you will be able to search, find, reserve and rent the property that better suit your needs.

  • Who can register properties?

    Anybody who is property owner or a lessee (authorized by the owner), who´s properties are available to be use in audiovisual projects. Once you have registered your user name and property AtLocs.com will get in touch with you to help you with paperwork and have your property ready to rent.

  • How do I publish a location?

    In our site go to “Publish your location”, if you are a registered user you will be ask to fill out a simple form where you will give basic information about your property. Once you have your form filled out you will receive an email indicating that AtLocs.com recieved your information. Nevertheless, that email will not necessarily ensures that your location will be publish right away since we need to validate the information you provide about your property. After that validation we will send you another email within 48 hours to confirm that your property will be publish.

  • How many properties can I publish?

    You can upload as many properties as you want, as long as you are the owner or an lessee, authorized by the owner.

  • How much does AtLocs.com charges for their services?

    Users-property owners or an authorized lessee-do not get any charges. AtLocs.com will charge 15% of the property rental value to the production company that rents it.

  • ¿Who can rent properties?

    Our clients are producers, directors, and professionals who work in the film and TV commercial business, in Chile as well as in other countries.

  • Can I upload my own pictures?

    You can upload your Puedes subir tus propias own pictures as long as thet follow AtLocs.com´s standard, which the user undertakes to comply with by simply sending the photos that are proposed to upload

    The first consideration is that they must be taken horizontally, in order to show as much of the space as possible. Also you can upload as many pictures as you want. You need to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and also you need to understand the provisions relating to the rights of image and author of the photos AtLocs.com will also advise you on this issue if you have further questions.

    La única limitación que tiene las fotos que envías o proponer a AtLocs para su publicación, es el cumplimiento de los términos y condiciones del sitio, en especial las disposiciones relativas a los derechos de imagen y de autor de las fotos. Pasando por los puntos anteriores AtLocs estará en contacto contigo a la brevedad para publicar tu locación.

  • Can AtLocs.com take pictures of my property?

    AtLocs.com offers a specialized photography service to to those who expressly require it. In half an hour we take the best photos of your property. We will contact you to coordinate everything in the best way.

  • I like to rent my property but I do not have time to coordinate with the prospect renter. What do I do?

    Once you have registered your property you can tell AtLocs.com about your availability and Atlocs.com can work around it. We will help to get your property rented at the best way possible.

  • What are the advantages of using AtLocs.com versus leasing my property directly?

    AtLocs.com reaches directly those who are looking for properties for cinematographic and audiovisual projects, that is to say, you reach your target audience without having to use more resources in advertising. Clients who wish to rent a property must be previously registered in our platform which gives you greater control over who book or lease your property

  • ¿What do I do if I have already booked my property and can not be on the day of the tapping?

    If you can not be on the day that the film agency, production company, TV channel or renter has leased your property to make the tapping, AtLocs.com offers the representation service for the delivery and restitution of your property. However, does not imply that AtLocs.com assumes any responsibility for any damages.

  • ¿How payments are processed for AtLocs.com?

    The moment a client wishes to make a reservation of any of the properties published, he should pay AtLocs.com 15% of the total rental.

    To make a reservation it is mandatory to make the payment, under the system and conditions established by AtLocs.com

    The reservation request is confirmed when our client accepts the rental request.

    Once the location rental is confirmed, AtLocs.com will charge 15% of the total value of the reservation, without prejudice to the remaining price balance.

  • How long will my location remain on AtLocs.com platform?

    Your location will remain online for a period of one year, unless you want to unsubscribe it before, for which you must send your express request via email.

  • ¿What happens if I regret to publish a location and want to delete my data from AtLocs.com?

    Simply write us an email to our information site, requesting your departure from the platform. However, such repentance will only apply to your locations that have not been reserved by one of our customers.

  • What if I can not get in touch with the person responsible for the production?

    AtLocs.com has several ways for our customers to communicate, whether by chat, email, text message and phone. However, AtLocs.com acts as facilitator of all coordination and management between the parties, not being responsible for their actions.

    However, once a reservation is made, without being canceled or modified according to the terms and conditions of AtLocs.com, payment is made even though the property has not been worked or used on the day or hours agreed.

  • What use will be given to the information I give about my property?

    The use that AtLocs.com will give to the information, data or photographs that you make available in our site, is exclusively to advertise the lease of your location in audiovisual productions, cinematographic or for other equivalent events.

    If any of the clients require your property for another service, our agency will contact you directly.

  • Can I modify or cancel a confirmed reservation?

    Can I modify or cancel a confirmed reservation?

    You can cancel the reservation, obtaining a 100% refund of the payment you have made, only if you notified your cancellation within a period of not less than 48 hours prior to the date of commencement of the location reservation. If the cancellation is made within 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation, only 60% of the canceled fee will be refunded.

  • ¿What if I can not get in touch with the location´s owner?

    AtLocs.com has a special mechanism for this purpose, through a chat where you will have direct contact with the owners of the location. This way, you will be able to complement the information that has been published and to ask questions that you consider pertinent for a greater control of the location.