Users who, in any capacity, promote or offer their location, by the mere fact of uploading or placing photographs or videos in their portfolio, express themselves as exclusive authors of the same and be in full exercise of the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, to exploit them all over the world and indefinitely.

Users by the mere fact of sending or uploading photographs or videos to the site, voluntarily authorize and for an unlimited time to, for their digital exhibition on the site or other supports or platforms that are part of

Is it necessary to accept the terms and conditions of use of the site?

Those who use and contract some of the services offered by necessarily do so with the commitment that they have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of use of the site.

¿Can I promote my location through other means than

Users who use services, by the mere fact of promoting their locations, know and accept that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any other commercial promotion of their location, unless it has the express and written authorization of

¿What happens if a third party accesses the data of my account in

Users are solely and exclusively responsible for the activities that take place in relation to your account and to maintain the confidentiality of your data and the password of your account.

Users accept and acknowledge that may terminate their account at any time, without the need to justify it and without generating any liability whatsoever.

¿Can minors access and use´s services?

Only those persons over 18 years of age or older who have sufficient power and authority to assume and accept the terms and conditions of can access or use the site.

¿Do I gain some rights with respect to information or data by publishing or using the site?

No. Users and owners of the locations accept that the site and the information contained therein, can be modified, updated, interrupted, suspended or eliminated at any time without prior notice and without assuming no responsibility on the part of

Is there a guarantee regarding the veracity of the information that our clients provide?

The information of the locations that are included in the site, has been provided by the owners of these, being possible to exist errors or omissions of which can not be responsible, since the data of the published places are of complete and absolute public accountability. Notwithstanding this, in order to be able to give the service as complete and safe as possible we have implemented a system of information request and chat through which the owner of the location and who is interested in renting it can exchange information regarding the property . makes no guarantees or promises about the quality, accuracy or reliability of the location, its security, content or purpose and is therefore not responsible for any loss or damage that may arise to the contractor or the owner or owner of this

What happens if someone who rents a location or the owner of this one suffers any damage or prejudice during the recording or use of the location?

The productions or who reserve your location must provide documentation of the insurance provided or certificates of insurer where they as producers or the company that requires this service be held responsible for any damage that occurs in the property, provided that this is a direct consequence of the activity carried out by the requested company. The certificates will be collected by and delivered to the owners of the reserved dwelling.

Who advertises or contracts a location through, accepts all risks, inconsistencies or dangers that could be faced or should be borne in the location, understanding that this is beyond the control scope of, renouncing, from and for the sole use of the services of, to any demand, claim or complaint of any kind against The users and owners of a location agree to compensate, defend and hold harmless from any claim or demand made by third parties that arises from or in relation to the infringement that they commit to the terms and conditions of the site or to the breach of the dissipations of intellectual property or image rights.

Privacy and data processing policies that include Chat handling by

The users, the owners of the locations and those who contract them through, declare that all the personal data that they send or inform to are true and that they have full availability on them. also expressly authorizes, in accordance with article 4 of Law 19.628 on the protection of private life, to record their personal data in the systems and processes necessary to provide the services offered.

The authorization includes the processing and recording of the personal history of our clients, the data of their bank account and / or their credit card in order to manage the reservations of locations and the corresponding payments of commissions.

Within its services, will provide its clients with a chat through which the owner of the location and who is interested in hiring it can exchange information and data of the property which is under the treatment and registration of that access to such communication.

Our clients will always be able to complement or rectify their personal data in case they are inaccurate or incomplete, and may even cancel them, as long as this does not conflict with the terms and conditions of the site that they have accepted.

All users may oppose the processing of their personal data for specific purposes, provided that this is expressly and clearly stated, indicating full name, national identity card which must accompany in digitized version, email address or physical address and some phone number.

Within a maximum period of one working day from the date of receipt of your request for opposition, we will answer you about the origin of the request, by means of email.

Regarding the use of images in the photographs, in case the image of other people is used in the composition of the photographs of the location, it will be understood that the owner of the location, has the consent of the person that appears in the image for reproduction and publication

In no case are the users allowed to provide data or personal information of third parties other than the holder of the location or users.

Include sanctions for not respecting the commission and performing operations outside of

The owners of a location that is advertised and promoted at, declare and agree that, for the sake of using the site, they assume the formal commitment to pay 15% of the lease amount of the location, as a commission.

By the mere fact of publicizing or promoting their location, the holders of these are aware and accept that, in case of not verifying the payment of the corresponding commission, is free to act to carry out the collection actions that it deems appropriate, according to the established in the law and that can remove or correct any content or image at any time if they deem it necessary.

By subscribing to the terms and conditions of the site, for the benefit of the other customers of and as a fair remuneration for the service provided, the owners of the locations expressly authorize to carry out the judicial and extrajudicial procedures that came with the in order to obtain full payment of the money that corresponds to him, including informing the commercial bulletin of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago or any equivalent institution regarding the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the obligation of payment contained in this undertaking, and amount owed.